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Meet Our Barn Friends And Our Horses

ARTAUD /  The Farm's Guardian

Artaud is a 15 2 hand Thoroughbred Gelding. He was raced in the eighties and in his short few race career won over $100,000. We have kept his name from his jockey papers. We believe he is named after the French Philosopher Artaud. He taught mom to ride, went on trails, in parades, and is fearless! Sadly he has been unrideable for many years due to a separated old fracture he probably sustained as a youngster on the track most likely ending his career. Near thirty, he continues to be the herd boss, and speaker of the barn. We all love him, but he's mom's for sure!

Happy's Little chance and Lisa

Happy's Little Chance is an APHA Registered Paint Gelding He does halter, showmanship, and training level dressage. Last Year he placed third in halter and 6th in showmanship for the year end awards at DVHA.

Sky Cloud Warrior   Lisa's Little Guy

Sky Cloud Warrior is a 31" Non Registered Miniature Gelding. He found his way to us in 2006. We had never owned or handled a mini and found out really quickly how smart they are! He has learned to drive, and do Showmanship at halter. He loves negotiating obstacles! In 2007 he received Year End Champion in Novice Horse Driving at DVHA, and Year End Champion in Showmanship. Currently he is teaching my niece to ride!

Imprest by Sterling  owned by Steve

Sterling is a 15 2 AQHA Registered Quarter Horse Mare. She was purchased at the Camelot Auction Sales in 2003. She has 'Impressive' bloodlines, but was in need of training. She has been riding the trails and placed 5th in Halter at DVHA's Year End Awards in 2007.

Payton Duino owned by Jennifer

Payton is a registered Quarter Horse mare. Jennifer and Payton have been showing at Western Pleasure at DVHA and our open show in July. Jen placed second in trail and took Reserve Champion in Western Horsemanship.

Riverkeeper and mom

Riverkeeper was purchased at auction and has come a long way. He does equitation, trail, and Showmanship.

He is a 16 Hand TB Gelding and loves to hang out with Artaud and Happy when he's not with mom. Riverkeeper passed on Jan 6 2013 with may tears

Sky's Driving Instructor Gene

Gene has been driving since he was a child. He enjoys driving the big drafts and minis. He can drive teams, log, or do carriage service on the streets in various cities. He is skilled in driving teams, especially 4 abreast. He's teaching Sky Cloud Warrior when he's not logging with Farmer Brown.

Lark's Luv After Five/"Maggie" owned by June

"Maggie" is a 15 Hand Registered Quarter Horse Mare with Rugged Lark Bloodlines. She and June love going on the trails with their buddies Steve and Sterling.


Morning Star Dancer is a 33" Miniature Gelding. He was resued from the Broker Owned section of available horses through Another Chance For Horses website resue pages. He is very sweet and progressing with his training slowly. He is approximately 10 years old and probably was a pasture pet. He will hopefully learn to drive single and double with Sky and show at the NJ Pony Breeders next year.


Sputnick is a tall young Thoroughbred gelding. He is the field's play planner for the farm. Here he is dressed for halloween, clownin' around at the October show. He is currently in training for riding and showmanship. and is best friends with Artaud, his guardian.

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